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See How Easy It Is
Learn how you too can generate weekly cashflow in just 7 minutes a week.
Learn to Trade in Just 7 Minutes a Week
Most investment educational companies stop at offering tools and training, push you out of the nest and say, "We hope you can fly on your own!"
We like to do things the right way. We are going to stay by your side and take you from education to application.
Every week, we will show you how to properly apply everything that you have learned about trading Iron Condor Weeklys℠. No wonder our students rave about us.
Fly With Us on "Iron Condors"
One of our Trading Team's favorite trading strategies is Iron Condors. Sounds exotic, doesn't it? The Iron Condor is a limited risk, non-directional option trading strategy designed to have a large probability of earning a profit.
We love trading Iron Condors, but they have traditionally required patience. However, if you are like us, you'd rather have profits in your pocket next week rather than next month or next year. If only there was a way to get profits sooner. Why wait, right?
Well, now there is. Using the new Weeklys℠ options from the CBOE, the world's first options exchange, we can now trade high probability Iron Condors every week. CBOE's Weeklys℠ options are currently listed on Thursdays and expire the following Friday
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No More Excuses!
The number one reason we hear why people are not taking control of their money is, "I just don't have the time." So, we have come up with a solution that anyone can do with 7 free minutes a week - yes – only 7 minutes! If you can't find 7 free minutes out of the 10,000 minutes you have every week, then you're not ready to take your financial future seriously. So…are you ready? No more excuses, right!?!
How Much Money Will I need?
Much less than you would think! An allocation of just a few thousand dollars per trade for this strategy will typically be enough to allow participation in each Iron Condor Weeklys℠ trade that we highlight and track. There can be no assurance that any individual Iron Condor trade will be successful, but our track record has certainly been impressive.
Have More Questions?
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